More Music on Streaming Services

This upcoming year is going to be a pivotal one for my team and I as we set out to deliver a brand new album. So I began thinking about how far we’ve come and all the memorable moments that’s happened thus far. And as we intend to continue adding to those moments and carving out a catalog, I thought why not try to centralize those moments in one convenient place for everybody. So I am proud to announce that Hello Summer, Hello Summer II, and Grateful can now be found on all streaming services. If you are new to this journey of ours, here’s an opportunity to get familiar with the sound. If you’ve been here since day 1, I just want to say thank you and stay tuned. Here’s an opportunity to refresh yourself for what’s about to come.

Glorious Freestyle

Going all in on this Glorious Challenge from Big K.R.I.T. The only way I know how!

Fever EP

A new EP for you to enjoy for the summer. Decided to switch things up a little bit from the usual. This project is for the unwavering belief that we must cling to in order to make our wildest dreams and aspirations possible. It’s not always easy but its necessary to capture your goals. It’s the battle to triumph. Fever-a defense mechanism to fight off bodily harm. 


There has been an overwhelming amount of love and support since The Feel dropped. Wanted to take the time to write something to give the love back. Thank you to all.

WATER (Double L Remix)

Not an official remix but I felt inspired and wanted to try my hand at it. Here’s one for the ladies.

Freedom Commercial

A collaboration with the consulting agency 40kft to express a dying mindset. Freedom.

Q&A with UGHH

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Armando Urena Jr. from Undergroup Hip Hop Blog to discuss The Feel and give a little background into what got me into music. Check it out.