My Affinity

This is not just some city to me. It’s my heart and soul. I’ve had some of my fondest memories here, while also dealing with some of my toughest sorrows. I can’t really put into words how I feel about this city, but I guess this is my earnest attempt to share my affinity to the world.

It’s so ironic how much I’ve grown while living in such a small town. When I was younger and even till this day, people would always ridicule this place. Whether it be that it was too small or too boring, there was always some sort of label of discontent. And admittedly, I would often partake in the slander. But as I got older, I realized the tremendous value and attributes this city has, along with all the priceless lessons I’ve learned while living here. It taught me patience; the best results always comes with time. It showed me heart; never allow challenges to deter you away from your dreams. And it tutored me in wisdom; grow in knowledge and cement yourself in understanding.

As years passed, I realized I wouldn’t be the person I am today without this city’s nurturing spirit. Even when I was away chasing hoop dreams, I could always feel myself anxiously waiting to come back home. I knew this place was a part of me and there was nothing I could do to change that. You can see it in my eyes, feel it through my words, and hear it in my music. Not many people are proud of this small town but I am. So here I stand. Doing everything possible to repay the debt I owe to this city. In more ways than one. They debate who will be the one to put the city on the map. No worries. I’ll carry it on my back.

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