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I‘ve always been extremely grateful for people to listen to my music. But to have it reviewed and given critical acclaim is a whole different story. Shoutout to Underground Hip Hop Blog and Boom for writing this piece on The Feel. I couldn’t be more proud. 8/10 on the very first project. It only goes up from here.


Jules – The Feel (Album Review)
Written by Boom

Florida is having an amazing year in Hip-Hop with break out stars like XXXtentacion, Kodak Black, and many more. Looking to run with bulls out of the Dirty South is Lakeland, Florida’s pride and joy Jules. Catching attention with the release of his previous cuts like the Nina-featured, “Intentions”. Jules puts up his first effort of 2017 in the full-length project properly titled, The Feel.

Presenting a more theatrical approach on his first outing with strong imagery and motion picture inspired concepts. Jules is looking to become a leader of the new pack with an identifying presence and one of a kind look. While the Dirty South is known for its jingle-sing-a-long sound, Jules looks to prove that down bottom also has bars and your about to feel it.
Majority of the project is produced by King and Jules himself. Capturing fans attention with a polarizing art work cover, will the body of work deliver the same attention grab? Find out below.

On the 13-track project, Jules finds himself appearing to fans the questions as a rapper and producer, which profile he is stronger at as the two titles clash at times. Often a situation that happens with any artists that wears both hats, if there focus falls more on the hooks and 16s or the instruments and bass. While Jules standout tracks on the project lyrically come in “DNB”, “Hope”, and “Salvation”. His lyrics fall short on others but production is outstanding like his stand alone track, “Redo”, solely produced by Jules himself.

The Feel isn’t the normal New South sound of drugs, party, and thots for an entire project. While enjoyed by the new wave of fans, Jules sticks to the tradition Hip-Hop album approach and supplies self-reflection, spiritual references, and therapeutic revelations.

The Feel is a journey of self discovery for the Florida recording artist. The album is built around creativity and supported by impressive production. Overall, Jules leaves a lasting impression that is lyrically gifted, well-organized, and potentially a great project for future fans to research when he reaches his prime. Newfound fans won’t find it difficult at all to find the feel of great music on this new discovery.

Score: 8/10

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