Freedom Commercial

A collaboration with the consulting agency 40kft to express a dying mindset. Freedom.

Recall Music Video

I owe everything to the city that made me. I stand on that and will always pay my respect to it. This one is for y’all.

The Making of The Feel Part 3

This album means more to me than you will ever know. All the different obstacles I had to overcome just to make it to this point has been crazy. But I embrace it and allow it to make me stronger. I hope that you are ready for this journey.

The Making of The Feel Part 2

Another look into the creative process of The Feel. Wanted to give the viewers some backstory into some of the lyrics that are involved in the album. Just pure truth and emotion. All uncut and authentic.

The Making of The Feel Part 1

I remember when I was younger I would love to watch my favorite artist go through his or her creative process when making an album. As a student of the game, it excited me to see how they would put together bars and songs. And to get a chance to hear some of the backstory to some of my favorite verses. So while making this album I thought why not do the same for some other kid out there. Maybe someone will watch this and get the same excitement and inspiration I got when I was in their shoes. Here is part one of The Making of The Feel.

Hello Summer Teaser

New music coming soon. Stay tuned…”Dunk Lows De La Soul you can’t find a fresher pair…”

Recall Lyric Video

You can’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been. Welcome to my city.